silly face.


firstborn studio / denise lombardozzi said...


i got an i mac for my big 50th year..i love it,i do...i want to know so much more about it,the creative uses and all.
i am endlessly fascinated with the photobooth{or how many ways i can mug for it} and i like what you have done with it here,uh-huh...got any helpful hints for me?


mary fran foster. said...

^--- thanks!
ahh the endless creative uses of a mac. :D
i'm glad you love it, i surely do. as far as some helpful hints...i don't know much about the photobooth, but heres what i did if you want to get the same effect on some of your future mugs:

took 4 distorted shots and opened each in photoshop > drug all 4 into the same photoshop document > made them black + white with some white space between them > took the last shot [the color one] and placed it in the middle > saved it out as one image, instead of five, and that was it!...if that made sense.

i'm sure you have photoshop, but if not you better hassle tony for it! it's amaaazzzzing!!!
if you are interested in some online tutorials for any program on your new toy, let me know. i have an account online i could give you login info for...it can teach you anything + everything!! :D

Corey said...

oh yeah!
there in lies the rub,i haven't hassled tony{enough}about the ps installation
tutorials of any kind would be lovely~thanks,fran!

firstborn studio / denise lombardozzi said...

yikes...i update the rock paper scissors blog for my pal corey and forgot to sign out....
that's the story ;)