i just side-buttoned tara mcpherson :|

my chipbff, adam, is at comicon this weekend getting crazy in public without me. i gave him a list of the booths tara's work would be featured at, in hopes he would take alot of pictures. instead, after telling her what a ridiculous fan i am, he convinced her to call me. twice. i didn't recognize the number, so i of course ignored the call. twice.

oh, and i still have not indulged in any SRB :)


SRB | an acquired taste, in harmony with loads of caffeine +/or gloriousness.
a tomato-based explosion in which you receive nutrients, not the boost.

not an easy switch, but probably a healthier pick. i will miss you, SRB.


i have come to the conclusion that independence and it's day
most likely hate me. this was fun, though.

successfully yours(ahem), fran


urbanfaces.de >> where are faces everywhere!
this is kind of fun. after finding, i've sorta been on the lookout for hidden mugs. ...this is a lil' clip from the left of my desk (+/or a burly monster). heh heh...

hi grandma char!<3