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my first vinyl!!!
Dad is refinishing an antique record player/cabinet to add to my furniture collection (pictures to come)...and Geoff started me on my next addiction, collecting records to fill it. Excited. I saw holy fuck at the bluebird a few months(?) ago, and was amazed to say the least. The band's artist/photographer, James Mejia's work is insanely inspiring, as well.

postscript: album artwork: vinyls > CDs


newest addition. newest addition


my birthday present is mean. i haven't rode a bike in about 1o years, and it was painfully obvious. geoff and i rode a few miles(?) aimlessly, and then to the park on sunday night. on monday, i felt like my crotch was broken, my palms were bruised, and my knuckles still white. it was a hell of alot of fun, though. i'm just getting used to it again, so it will take a while for me to be completely comfortable, but i'm excited. its an old vintage schwinn womens road bike with cruiser handlebars (bright pink grips)!
i also recieved about 60 exposures of polaroid film! aahhhhhhwoooo!
thank you, geoff. :)

i am so happy.