a taste of what i worked on last night/end of day today.
process/finish piece to come. i am indecisive, you know. let me know your thoughts, please! - -postscript sadly, i can't make it to the toy camera show tonight. :'( i am attending an event i may fill you in on later. :) soon. have a glorious weekend! xxoo|frandy warhol


^ new banner...like? no like? indecisive, of course. i think i like. for now. long + busy weekend! happy easter to you. i miss. love+++, fran wilder


i'm finally making interestingish images with my fisheye! it's only taken a year. :| the following images are straight from the negatives... meaning i did none of the overlays myself. fishy did. double exposure = pleasure! these are some of the shots from last weekend that i love. - -

i got the book.

+a journal of tara's as well with a matching cover. thank you, star clipper.


happy st. fatties day! :)
no celebrating for me, i'll be working.
'nother post later.


oh dang sarah king, you good.
i am attending an opening on friday that i'm excited about...this woman's work is amazing. i quickly made an invite this morning to send to coworkers [staying proactive, mhmn] i thought i would post for those interested... visit her website or blahg, it is amazingly inspiring. also, drive agency is located here. - - things are great. more posts soonish. xoxxxx.o|franilicious def con 5!