happy earth day! this was my fav image from the festivities at forest park sunday... oh, and this was ohsocute.


C L I C K ¥

otherpeoplespixels.com >>this is where i'm hosting my website. (for now) so far so good...it's extremely easy (dummed down) and i like the cleanliness. it's not even close to finished. just started working on it last night. exciting upcoming opportunities out the wazzou :) postscripty>>my basement is soon becoming a haven of all things screen printed. if you are hip to this, you shall join. or just wait a few weeks and check back for the haps. also, i'm commissioning artworks now...fine art/identity systems/promotional work/anything...fyi if you are interested. blackball false, truth! :) lovin's. franarchy
one of my best friends from high school, jen (naes) forester, got hitched on saturday. i made her a collage to go along with her gift + wanted to share. there was no time to scan since i made this the day of, but here are the lame photos. jen always talked about living in the city and with her getting married, she has a 'new view' so to speak...and because she will most likely be staying in festus, here is her view of the city. dangerously cheesy, i am aware. :| this is framed between 2 pieces of glass, and when held upright you can see the type coming through the cityscape. oh and i collaged a little 'mf08' in the bottom right corner. :) really wish i would have just scanned this...