newest supersampler images. more on flickr disclaimer: what appears to be flappy nipples on my good friend adam bertels, are in fact strategically placed ping pong balls. thank you! xofranomenon


i ran across this today on fffound, and it reminded me of a vivid dream from my childhood. one in which i witnessed a girl whom i had never seen before be eaten by (2) bears. don't worry, i saw her on the bus the next morning and informed her. check out more on silhouette masterpiece theatre. genius! xo/mƒ


new prints!

the colors look off in the pictures, but you get the idea. :)
these are to hang in my place, but i can make as many as necessary.
let me know if you want one!
prints are 15x18
xofran CLIK'M!


N E W W O R K!

woohoo! digital collage. words by neutral milk hotel.
images are found/pulled, and all work done in photoshopCS3.
please do let me know your thoughts, and i hope to have
much more soon. :)
click image! <3


more lomolove...

"you have a package upstairs from 'lovemybody'?!" ..."uhhh lomography?" ..."yes. yes, thats it." silly sally. pictures to come; more goods on backorder. :)

gifts from comic con 08, thanks to chip.

this one and another, retrieved for me by my pal, adam.
pictures on my flickr, too.
thanks, chip!!
clickit for detail.