better late than never...

i have been tagged by an admired friend to list six unspectacular quirks of my own. i'll try to follow the rest of the rules, but i dont have 6 blog friends...i am a big blog dork, which might be quirk#1.
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one. i have a strong hatred for the typeface papyrus.
two. my tongue resembles a map.
three. i am currently having a love affair with photography.
four. i am newly addicted to rock climbing.
five. my eyebrows can dance to magical musics.
six. i must have a fan when i sleep, and prefer to smash alarm clocks.

i'll tag 2 blog friends...chip and kristen. :)


header [indecisive]

media used:
acrylic figure study i painted in 05,

their words

removed 081002. here it is. :)

purchase made :)

i bought two prints last night with some money i've made from my own prints. -you gotta give to get back :) check out eduardo recife/misprinted type!


ˆnew header up thereˆ thoughts,ey?
yesterday was a beautiful day in so many ways (despite the headache i woke up with). i mailed 4 prints today and am unbelievably excited about the response from recent works. thankyou. :)
updates soon

/collaborage with geoff

/apartment aesthetics

prints for sale

/9 rolls of toycamera goodness

ps. it's always sunny season 3 out tomorrow!!

sorry for alllll the links!