sometimes i like to yell/growl outside in the early am. maybe a little dance sometimes. i may or may not have done so this morning...i did. i am twenty three today! the envelope above was a gift from a fav coworker i like to call the golden condor (pictured top; far right). he is an awesome guy who makes themed envelopes for friends on their birthdays, and my 'lopes theme is art...because i like it! and i like the condor! i also like that some great pals joined me in my quest for chicken, and i got a free lunch. mmhmn. leaving tomorrow for the 'ol bearcat getaway(!) no work/stress until tuesday. this weekend should be epic.
lovin' you. ƒ



D'Aquino, a miniaturist, creates his artwork on an incredibly small scale. - - I had two more posts this afternoon, but sadly i will have to postpone the posts... Coder is in love with his new flavor this week, natalie and dragging me to the old rock house. i think hes nervous. tata for now! xo|mf.


abandoned russian library [photos from jst-ru] i wanna jump in the books.
ahhhmazing. check out the constructions from the glorious scalpel of georgia russell.


the creative outfit

u p d a t e. we are officially an LLC! patrick+andy+megan+hunter+steve+me we are gettin' completely serious these days. i'm finishing up our business cards... if you see me out, chances are i will make you take one. i am completely confident in this. <3 assistant franager


oye modern

ahjeez...i stumbled across these the other day + i love'm really hard. i arranged the images and added little markers to the ones i would choose had they not been so expensive +/or sold out. clever. xo|mf