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I received a nice message from my oldest friend today, Bethany Meyers, and it made me smile. I thought I would share. We grew up neighbors on spruce street, and shared everything. She's the best. We eventually took our own paths, but have always found ways to keep in touch. Beth lives in Chicago now and works for Lululemon Athletica in public relations, and is a beautiful little lady that I am proud to call my friend. :)
"I saw this and thought of you because I just remember us as little girls swinging on our swing-sets, yelling to no one in particular, that we were flying... We would pump our legs so hard until the chains on the swing would let up a little and I'm sure we both imagined what would happen if we went so high that we flipped over the bar. I remember you would always jump off, but I was too scared so i would purposely try to go slower at the end so I could still jump when you did and not be so high up... God I miss those days of old spruce drive....love ya girl"
Ironically, my brother recently bought his first house on Spruce Street and Bethany's older brother, Jonathan lives with his wife and new addition, Claira, right next door. - - - I hope this reminded you of an old friend or made you smile as hard as Beth made me this mornin. ps. looking back at kiddie pictures, I was just as silly and ridiculous then as I am now. pps. i'm the blonde. If you can't tell. :) xoxoxo|mf


guskillface said...

mini showtime?

[ƒranimal] said...

ba da da da da daaaaaaa!

i feel bad for my parents...i must have never stopped. you weren't there to drag me off with a cane.

Drew said...

the leftmost pic in the top collage has gang signs, a baby pool, and 2 tough looking shorties. was this before 1992's seminal hit "nothin' but a g thang" or after?

[ƒranimal] said...

it was in the summer of '88...
i was 3 and those aren't gang signs, they are snappy dancin' fingers that were most likely accompanied by a little mini-shuffle.
followed by a cannonball. :)