i heart printmaking.

©2006. sophomore in college. angry english professor. never ending $upply li$t...starting out, i loathed everything about printmaking.
After being introduced to some of the techniques, tools, and machinery involved in the fine art of printmaking, it wasn't long before i was completely enamored. I will never forget how fast Mr. P.Shuck jumped up when I cut my thumb with the knife tool. He practically threw me over his shoulder to get me to the campus nurse before showering me with antiseptic and band-aids. I don't believe I have ever seen a grumpy old man so disturbed and concerned in all my life. I really liked him after that day.
Below are some pieces that i took from that class... the first being the one that wrecked my thumb.
Just reminiscing a bit, It has been far too long. :| ...Hopefully the plan of building a mini print studio in my basement pans out this summer, and i will have more to share. :) [chipbff + burrito destroyer, no pressure] xoox|mf

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firstborn studio / denise lombardozzi said...

your work is so great!
i LOVED printmaking.
i will do it again someday.
you inspired me to post on my blog my one piece left from high school...far to long ago,but really yesterday.